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JBL Subwoofer

JBL are a very well respected manufacturer of all kinds of speakers, including those for home, professional use and car stereos. One of there most popular types of speaker is there subwoofer range which offers something for everyone, through a range of 15 different models, from the small but powerful SS88IWS in-built wall subwoofer to the very powerful Synthesis S1S-EX. Try a JBL subwoofer and you’ll never go back to another make again.

The current home audio subwoofer range consists of the following models:

  • ES150P (10″, 500-/300-watt (peak/RMS) powered sub)
  • ES150PCH (10″, 500-/300-watt (peak/RMS) powered sub)
  • ES150PW (Wireless, 10″, 500-/ 300-watt (peak/RMS) powered sub)
  • ES150PWCH (Wireless, 10″, 500-/ 300-watt (peak/RMS) powered sub)
  • ES250P (12″, 700-/400-watt (peak/RMS) powered sub)
  • ES250PCH (12″, 700-/400-watt (peak/RMS) powered sub)
  • ES250PW (Wireless, 12″, 700-/ 400-watt (peak/RMS) powered sub)
  • ES250PWCH (Wireless, 12″, 700-/ 400-watt (peak/RMS) powered sub)
  • CSS10 (10″, 300-/150-watt (peak/RMS) powered subwoofer)
  • L8400P (12″ powered subwoofer, 600-watt digital amplifier)

In addition they produce a range of Pro level subwoofers as well as car audio subwoofers.

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