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JBL Studio Monitors

JBL is one the world’s oldest speaker and audio component manufacturers. Since the 1940s JBL have been producing great quality, good value audio equipment for different purposes, from home audio to commercial grade equipment.

What Is A Studio Monitor?

Studio monitors, which can also be called reference monitors, are loudspeakers which are specifically designed for audio production applications such as recording, film, television and radio studios where accurate audio reproduction is of critical importance.

When audio engineers use the term ‘monitor speaker’ there is likely to be the assumption that the speaker will be designed to produce relatively flat phase and frequency responses. Simply put there will be no emphasis or de-emphasis of particular frequencies so that the loudspeaker gives an accurate reproduction of the tonal qualities of the source audio. In addition there will be no relative phase shift of particular frequencies meaning no distortion in sound stage perspective for stereo recordings.

Why A JBL Studio Monitor?

JBL engineers have been producing some of the best studio monitors for many decades and are used by some of the largest recording studios in the world. From their first professional studio monitor speaker (the ICONIC) which was produced for the first time in 1930, through to their current top of the range LSR monitors, they have been at the forefront of technology. One of these innovations is the RMC system which automatically measures the room you are mixing in and fixes problems that are caused by the room, specifically bass issues (automatic room compensation). These JBL studio monitors with computer connectivity offer active studio and pure titanium dome technology.

This advanced system is integrated into some of JBL’s LSR Monitors and also comes as a stand alone system. Whichever way to decide to go it comes with everything you need to calibrate your system including a measurement mic and a user friendly software interface which guides you through the step by step process. After the initial setup you can recalibrate easily and simply without a computer.

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